Web site “Byzantine Chronicle”


The “Byzantine Chronicle” web site (www.byzantium.xronikon.com), is a short guide and a quick reference to the emperors of Byzantium.

This site is not about the history of the Byzantium, in general. It is, specifically, about the Byzantine Emperors. It focuses on the emperors and gives basic information about them.

The purpose of the Byzantine Chronicle is to give a quick look to all the Byzantine emperors.
The main view is the page “Byzantine Emperors” (www.byzantium.xronikon.com/emperors.html) which contains, in chronological order, a concise record of information for each Byzantine emperor.

The concept of the presentation is to show one dedicated web page with full data for each emperor.

Except from the main view, there are other views of the same information in different presentations, like the Time-line, the Classification of Emperors, the Plain-list, the Maps page.
In addition to the quick reference views, there are 3 other groups of pages in the site:

  • The Battles: a presentation of all the important battles of Byzantium.
  • The Statistics: pages with numbers and statistics derived from the imperial data.
  • The Bits & Pieces: a section with various information modules related to the emperors: Deaths, Scandals, Nicknames, Succession stories, marriages etc.

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